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Oracle Human Resource Management system (HRMS) is the major component of the oracle E-Business suite of application. Oracle HRMS is a integrated suite of applications that support all aspects of HR functions. All Oracle HRMS application share tables in the oracle database, which eliminates data redundancy, reduce the possibility of error and create a consistent record of every workers. However, within this framework you can define a human resource modal that supports your enterprise structure and policies.


Prerequisites for Angular 2 Course 

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript 
  • Angular JS

Getting Started 

  • Working with JavaScript Modules and SystemJs
  • Introduction to TypeScript 
  • A Conceptual Overview of Angular 2
  • Here’s What We’ll Be Building 
  • Installing Git and Node
  • Creating Your First Component 
  • Using the Angular CLI

 Creating and Communicating Between Components 

  • Creating Your First Data-bound Component 
  • Using External Templates
  • Communicating with Child Components Using @Input 
  • Communicating with Parent Components Using @Output
  • Using Template Variables to Interact with Child Components
  • Styling Components
  • Exploring Angular’s CSS Encapsulation 
  • Adding a Site Header 

Exploring the New Template Syntax

  • Interpolation, Property Bindings, and Expressions
  • Event Bindings and Statements 
  • Repeating Data with ngFor
  • Handling Null Values with the Safe-Navigation Operator 
  • Hiding and Showing Content with ngIf
  • Hiding Content with the [Hidden] Binding
  • Hiding and Showing Content with ngSwitch
  • Styling Components with ngClass 
  • Styling Components with ngStyle 

Creating Reusable Services

  • Introduction
  • Why We Need Services and Dependency Injection 
  • Creating Your First Service 
  • Wrapping Third Party Services 

Routing and Navigating Pages 

  • Adding Multiple Pages to Your App
  • Adding Your First Route 
  • Accessing Route Parameters
  • Linking to Routes
  • Navigating from Code 
  • Guarding Against Route Activation
  • Guarding Against Route De-activation 
  • Pre-loading Data for Components 
  • Styling Active Links 

Collecting Data with Forms and Validation 

  • Introduction 
  • Using Models for Type Safety
  • Creating Your First Template-based Form 
  • Using the Data from Your Template-based Form
  • Validating Template-based Form 
  • Validating Reactive Forms

Communicating Between Components

  • Passing Data into a Child Component 
  • Passing Data out of a Child Component 

Reusing Components with Content Projection

  • Content Projection 
  • Multiple Slot Content Projection Displaying Data with Pipes
  • Using Built-in Pipes 
  • Creating a Custom Pipe 
  • Sorting and Filtering Overview 
  • Creating a Filtering Display
  • Filtering Data

Understanding Dependency Injection

  • Using Third-Party Global Services – The Problem 
  • Angular Dependency Injection Lookup 
  • Using OpaqueToken for Dependency Injection 
  • Using the @Inject Decorator 
  • The useClass Provider 

Creating Directives and Advanced Components 

  • Implementing the Session Search
  • Adding jQuery 
  • Creating a Modal Component 
  • Fixing Template Parse Errors 
  • Creating Directives – The Trigger Directive 
  • Binding an ID
  • Routing to the Same Component 
  • Using the @ViewChild Decorator
  • Creating Settings on Components 

Communicating with the Server Using HTTP, Observables, and Rx 

  • Moving Data Storage to the Server 
  • Listening to Resolved Data Changes 
  • Using Querystring Parameters 
  • Using POST and PUT
  • Using DELETE 
  • Integrating Authentication with the Server 
  • Persisting Authentication Status Across Page Refreshes 
  • Saving User Data to the Server Implementing Logout

 Unit Testing Your Code 

  • Installing Karma 
  • Unit Testing Services 
  • Testing Mock Calls 
  • Testing Components with Isolated Tests 

Going to Production 

  • Learning the Concepts 
  • Linting with TSLint
  • Tuning Your rxJS Requests 
  • Enabling Production Mode
  • Basic Copy Deployment 
  • Ahead of Time Compiler Overview 
  • Preparing for the AOT Compiler 
  • Making Coding Fixes for the AOT Compiler 
  • Running the AOT Compiler 
  • Tree Shaking and Bundling with Rollup