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This Salesforce Admin course in Chennai provides to learn Salesforce Admin, it is a must one for anyone responsible for use analytic to drive business result in a sale organization. Implement an Analytic Strategies for the Sale Cloud provide that offer you with the skill and knowledge you needs to gather analytic requirement, designed and build custom report and dashboard, and deployed them to your user.
Salesforce administrator certification in chennai using salesforce admin training pdf real-world scenario, this courses give you the tool to analyze your key sale metric, including leading generations, pipeline and trend, close business, and sale team performances.

Sales Force Admin Syllabus

Component- 1

  • Introduction
  • A solid understand of your business process
  • Knowledge of the organization structured and culture that helps to build relationship with key group
  • Excellent communications, motivation, and presentation skill
  • Desired to be the voices of the user in communicate with management
  • Analytical skill to responds to request change and identify customization
  • Outstand project management skill

Component- 2

  • Confirmation in Security
  • Become a key stakeholder in increasing Salesforce ROI your company
  • Configuration, manage Sale and Services Cloud
  • Gains insight into each of the functional group of user (Inside Sale, Outside Sale, Marketing)
  • Identifying the basic component of SMART administration for the
  • Developed new application use declarative interfaces
  • Implement Automation, Debug, Data Validations, and customized apps
  • Gets an overview of Apexs, Visualforce, and Site
  • Configuration the user interfaces, Implement security.

Component- 3

  • Navigation
  • Setting up Admin options
  • User Interface

Component- 4

  • Administration in Organization of CRM
  • Setting up language
  • Currency management in an organization

Component- 5

  • Customization
  • How to tackle with custom profiles and custom fields
  • Explain dependent pick lists
  • How to manage lookup fields and formula fields
  • Page layouts
  • Standard related lists
  • Types of Record
  • Process in a business
  • Security level

Component- 6

  • Security CRM
  • Management of users
  • Setting up an organization with default
  • Record access
  • Role hierarchy
  • Transfer of a role
  • Function transfer
  • Folder access
  • Sharing model
  • Records in a share

Component- 7

  • Workflow
  • Explain workflow
  • Rules in doing a workflow
  • Tasks in workflow
  • Task alerts

Component- 8

  • Approvals in a Workflow
  • Approvals in planning
  • Approval wizard
  • Innovating workflow approvals

Component- 9

  • Expansion Salesforce CRM
  • Custom objects
  • Know about it
  • Web tabs
  • Constructing a custom app

Component- 10

  • Exchange
  • What is App Exchange
  • Installation
  • Deleting an app