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AWS Training is designed to offer you the skills required to kick start your journey as an AWS cloud specialist. You will gain an in-depth knowledge in the major services in AWS. Apart from learning the storage, infrastructure aspect of the AWS cloud, the curriculum designed by the AWS Solutions Architects at INTEK will help you to gain complete knowledge on how to design, plan and scale the applications within AWS.

AWS Architect training helps learners to get thorogh understanding of AWS architecture and enhance the AWS infrastructure using various AWS services and solutions to ensure lower investment, enhanced performance and efficiency.

Cloud computing today plays a crucial role in the success of an enterprise, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the frontrunner in the cloud computing race over the past few years. Enterprises often leverage AWS for an array of cloud services that can be customised to best fit their IT environment. This large list of services and solutions include application hosting, web hosting, analytics, big data storage, disaster recovery, backup, and customized projects for Internet of Things among many other. The reputed players like Netflix, Reddit, Expedia, Aircel, Airbnb and even NASA run their applications on Amazon Web Services and the steep rise in the adoption of the AWS cloud infrastructure has opened doors for a lot of career opportunities.

  • Upon completing this course learners will have an insight into key AWS concepts, including cloud and big data architectures, an overview of AWS tools and platforms, and the application of these concepts using standard industry tools and products.
  • Learners will understand the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on the AWS platform.
  • Learners will be able to optimize the AWS Cloud by having a thorough understanding of Cloud-based solutions and how AWS services align to it.
  • Understand best practices and design patterns to architect optimal IT solutions on AWS.

Amazon Web Services Syllabus

Component – 1

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • What is cloud computing?
  • List the types of cloud
  • Scale and cost
  • Best view of architect
  • Block diagram for cloud formation

Component – 2

  • Introduction to Aws
  • what is amazon web services?
  • What is cloud computing amazon?
  • Why use amazon web services?
  • Working for Amazon Web servers
  • How to Create a Cloud account with aws
  • Block diagram of AWS architect

Component – 3

  • Overview Of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Approach to families services
  • How to navigate the console.
  • Infrastructure Aws
  • Measure the AWS security
  • Interfaces of Web GUI,API and SDK
  • Storing and supply
  • Authenticate and access process.

Component – 4

  • AWS Platform
  • Instance for RDs
  • How to manage and navigate aws
  • Difference storing process and Amazon web servers.

Component – 5

  • Web Server Amazon EC2
  • Instance types, security group, Key Pairs and userdata
  • How to implement the concepts of AMI
  • EBS and EPhemeral
  • EBS used for Attach and Detach

Component – 6

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute
  • How to make Amazon storage purpose
  • Describe the network concepts in Aws
  • Develop the Amazon Deploy and amazon Ec2
  • Options to design the concepts
  • Architect the aws platform Autoscaling and cloudwatch

Component – 7

  • Amazon Development
  • Create volumes & templates from snapshot backup
  • How to Associate & Manage the Elastic IP address
  • Configure & manage ELB security
  • Manage Service & DB
  • Concepts of Amazon RDS
  • Instance of Amazon RDS
  • Benefits of Deployment and Management

Component – 8

  • Cloud Formation
  • AWS Cloud Formation concepts
  • Amazon Cloud technology
  • Identity the content process.
  • How to secure the Access Management (IAM)
  • Describe Elastic BS
  • How to set the Cloud formation?

Component – 9

  • Security Concepts
  • Describe concepts of Scaleable
  • Operation for cost
  • Effective management for secure
  • Demonstrate the development

Component – 10

  • Storage in AWS
  • Includes the Frameworks stream
  • How to Implement the big data solution
  • Amazon Red shift
  • Software virtual

Component – 11

  • Simple Storage Access
  • Overview storage access
  • Relational databases System
  • Big data access
  • Memory data access
  • How to virtual the content.

Component – 12

  • Cloud concepts of three tier
  • Overview the Web services apps
  • Formation of cloud
  • Stack Review
  • Estimate apps for cloud
  • Develop secure environment
  • Endure cloud formation